The Meaning of Crystal Prism Shapes

Crystal Prism Shapes

The following is a list of the popular meanings of crystal prism shapes. Buy hanging crystals or Swarovski crystal jewellery according to the shape of the crystal prism for a gift with meaning.  

Swarovski Crystal Almond Pendant, Crystal JewelleryALMOND
The almond shaped crystal means harmony. It is said to disperse negativity and conflict. Helps ease financial tensions and generate prosperity


A Bell shaped crystal is for joy and  innocence. Helps lift your spirits and reminds you of the innocence of life.

The dewdrop is for happiness. Associated with fertility and pregnancy and the abundance of life.

Swarovski Pendant, Sapphire Crystal Heart

The heart shaped crystal prism is for spiritual awakening; will help to strengthen a relationship. Wearing a heart will draw more love into your life.


Swarovski Suncatcher Leaf with Autumn CrystalsLEAF
The leaf crystal prism brings warmth, healing, transforming energy. This natural shape can absorb negativity and transform it positively



A moon shaped crystal is for emotion and the unconscious. A deeply sensitive and moving crystal; it will help put you in touch with your feelings.

Octagon Swarovski EarringsOCTAGON
An octagon crystal stands for prosperity. Has a steadying influence which, helps with the steady accumulation of wealth. Its large facets create strong, substantial rainbows.


Swarovski Pendulum 40mm Blue Point with Sodalite GemstonesPENDULUM
The pendulum shaped crystal is used for dowsing – the ancient art of divining. Energy is focused to the point of the pendulum. The motion will help you contact your inner power.


 Swarovski Snowflake Necklace, Winter WeddingSNOWFLAKE
A snowflake crystal prism is for cool clarity and clear insight. Re-affirm your own uniqueness with the beautiful geometry of the ice particle.


The sphere is healing. Generates a feeling of abundance and well-being. It’s many facets reflect a shower of tiny rainbows. It also deflects negative ch’i energy.

Swarovski Crystal Pendant, Swarovski Star Pendant Necklace STAR
The star is for good luck. Used on the material level to enhance worldly fame and fortune. On a deeper level it is linked to alchemy and magic. Helps your spiritual confidence.


Swarovski Pendant Teardop, Swarovski Crystal JewelleryTEARDROP
A teardrop crystal is linked to innocence. It will help you to link with the confidence of your inner being and be grounded with the earth.


The wand crystal is for feminine intuition. Soothing energy. Traditionally associated to Witchcraft. Helps you to harness the subtle energies of the earth.